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Why Choose Us

Unlimited options to earn Points!

You have all kind of options to earn points, from installing apps, to watching different videos, completing surveys and all kind of stuff.

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Earn even by inviting your friends!

You can Earn Points by inviting your friends to use this app as well. The more people you bring to this website, the more points you get.

Redeem all kind of rewards!

You can get all kind of rewards with the point that you earn, from Paypal Money, to Google Play Gift Cards, you can get XBOX and PSN Cards, you can also get Netflix and Spotify Cards and use them for your Benefit!

We are Very Responsive!

Our team is very Responsive, in the moment that you Redeem your points, you will get your cards Within 24 Hours. We are always here and will answer all your question so don’t Hesitate to contact us!


Behind the Website

Go DJ.
Go DJ.

Go DJ.


One of the Managers of the project. Cool guy 🙂
Fis Mula
Fis Mula

Fis Mula


The head behinf this app, one of the creators, designers and founders of this app.
Ner Qos
Ner Qos

Ner Qos


Big Supporter and Good Spirit of GiftCardsForMe

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